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On what stock exchange is Computacenter listed?

The shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange, on the FTSE 250 index.

What is a stock symbol and which one has been assigned to Computacenter plc shares?

The stock symbol, sometimes known as a ticker, is an abbreviation used to uniquely identify publicly traded shares of a particular stock on a particular stock market. The stock Symbol for ordinary Computacenter plc shares, as listed on the London Stock Exchange, is CCC.

What is the role of a Registrar?

The Registrar is the record keeper of both Shares and shareholders and is a key administrator for both, which is individual to each company. A Registrar could be a person or organisation maintaining the register on behalf of the Company, which includes updating shareholders details. The Registrar will also provide other services including the facilitation of the Company’s dividend payments and distribution of share certificates. Computacenter’s Registrar is Equiniti Limited.

How do I contact the Registrar?

You can call or write to the Company’s Registrar, Equiniti, using the details below. Alternatively, you can manage many aspects of your shareholding by registering for Shareview, Equiniti’s online service. In order to register for this service you will need your shareholder reference number, which can be found on your share certificate and your dividend tax voucher.

Equiniti Limited
Aspect House
Spencer Road
West Sussex
BN99 6DA
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 371 384 2027 (Calls to this number cost 8p per minute plus network extras).


How to buy or sell shares?

Usually the common way to buy and sell shares is through a stockbroker or bank that offers a share dealing service in the UK, or in your country of residence, if outside the UK. This service is also provided by Equiniti and can be accessed via the Shareview website For telephone dealing please call +44(0)3713842027 (Calls to this number cost 8p per minute plus network extras).

How will I receive shareholder documents?

Legislation has been introduced which enables companies to communicate with their shareholders by electronic means. Electronic communications (e-communications) enable the Company to communicate with shareholders in a more timely, environmentally friendly and cost effective manner, which is in the interest of all shareholders. For these reasons the Company has decided to provide all relevant shareholder documents, including the mailing of the Annual Report and Notice of AGM, via the Company’s website, except where shareholders have requested a paper copy of these documents.

If you have elected to receive e-communications via Equiniti’s Shareview website, you will receive an e-mail notification confirming that the documents are available on the Company’s website. If you would like to register on the Shareview site please have your shareholder reference number available, which can be found on your share certificate and dividend tax vouchers. If you have not registered for this service, we will send you a letter informing you that the documents are available from the website. You can continue to receive hard copies of Computacenter’s communications by contacting Equiniti using the details above.

What should I do with my share certificate?

Share certificates are evidence of your ownership and should be kept in a safe place. You will need them if you want to sell all or some of your shares in the future. Share certificates are posted to shareholders at their own risk.

What is Capital Gains Tax and how will be applied?

Capital gains tax (CGT) may become payable when you sell shares. Please note that Computacenter plc, is unable to offer advice on capital gains tax and should you have any questions, or are unsure of your position, you should contact a duly authorized independent financial advisor.

My Shareholding
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What is my shareholder reference number?

Your shareholder reference number is your unique 11-digit account number, which should be quoted in all correspondence with Equiniti. The number is detailed at the top of your share certificate and on dividend tax vouchers.

How do I register my change of address?

If you have registered with Equiniti’s Shareview website, you can update your address details on-line via Shareholder Services page within the main Shareview website at

How do I register my change of name?

In order to register your change of name you will need to send to Equiniti the original documents confirming this change (e.g. your marriage certificate or change of name deed). Once the change has been processed, the original documents will be returned to you.

How do I transfer my shares to someone else?

If you hold a paper share certificate you can transfer your shares by completing a stock transfer form and returning it to the Registrar with the paper share certificate.

What should I do if I lose my share certificate?

If your certificate is lost, stolen or destroyed, you should contact the Company’s Registrar, Equiniti, as soon as possible. Equiniti will need to arrange for you to complete an indemnity to protect the Company for any loss, however, there will be a charge for this document. Once this process is completed, Equiniti will send a duplicate to you.

How do I register the death of a shareholder?

Initially you should call Equiniti and notify them of the shareholders death. They will then add a notification of death restriction to the account. This will prevent future dividends being paid to the deceased shareholder.

If the shares were held solely in the name of the deceased, you should send Equiniti an official copy of the document by which the deceased’s legal personal representative was appointed, usually the grant of probate or letters of administration, impressed with the court seal. The name of the legal personal representative will be put on the register. The shares can then be sold by the personal representative, or transferred to the deceased’s beneficiary.

If the value of the deceased’s estate is below certain limits, the death can be registered using the small estates procedure. Details of the current limits and the procedure involved can be obtained from Equiniti.

If the shares were held jointly by the deceased and another person, a copy of the death certificate must be sent to Equiniti. The shares will then be registered in the name(s) of the surviving holder(s), and the relevant share certificates will be amended to reflect to reflect this.

How can I confirm the number of shares I hold?

If you have registered with Equiniti’s Shareview, you can see this information on-line. Alternatively, you can contact Equiniti on +44 (0) 371 384 2027 who will be able to confirm your shareholding.

How can I calculate the value of my shares?

Using the share price information provided above in the Share Price section you can calculate the value of your shareholding, at both the purchase date and at present. You can calculate this value by multiplying the number of shares by the current share price, which can be obtained on the London stock exchange website or other websites.

General Meetings
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What is an AGM?

AGM stands for Annual General Meeting, which the Company is required to hold each year and which every shareholder is invited to attend. The notice of the AGM includes all the matters on which shareholders can vote. The meeting reviews Computacenter’s performance over the year and provides an opportunity for shareholders to ask questions and vote on key issues, such as the appointment of Directors and the authority of the directors to issue shares.

What is a General Meeting?

A General Meeting is a meeting of shareholders which is only held when it is necessary for shareholders to approve special business proposals which require approval prior to the next AGM.

How can I find out about the AGM?

Information on the Company’s AGM can be found in the Shareholder Meetings section of the Company’s website. This includes the Notice of Meeting and, following the conclusion of the meeting, the poll results.

What if I cannot attend the AGM?

If you cannot attend the AGM in person, you have the right to appoint a Proxy who can ask questions in relation to the business of the AGM, on your behalf or you can appoint the Chairman of the meeting as your proxy. You can instruct your proxy to vote the way you wish or to vote at their discretion

Prior to the meeting, if the shares are held in your own name, you will be sent details of how you can vote on the resolutions. Between the distribution of the Notice of the Meeting and the AGM, you can submit questions to the Board of directors by e-mail.

If your shares are held by an intermediary, please contact the custodian directly to discuss how you would like to vote your indirectly held shareholding.

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What is a dividend?

A dividend is an amount, taken from the Company’s profits, paid out to shareholders for each share they hold.


How frequently are dividends paid?

Computacenter plc, generally pays dividends twice per year in October and June.

How do you set the exchange rate for dividend payments?

Dividend payments are made only in sterling.

Can I choose a different currency for my dividends?

Computacenter plc only pays dividends in Sterling. Shareholders based outside the UK, can ask Equiniti to arrange payments directly into their bank account.

Dividends are paid either by cheque, or directly into your bank or building society account.

What should I do if I have lost my dividend cheque?

If you have lost your dividend cheque you should contact Equiniti immediately, to notify them that the cheque has been lost. They will then arrange for the cheque to be stopped and issue a duplicate cheque. Please note that there may be a charge for this service.

To avoid any further loss, you may wish to consider arranging for your dividends to be paid directly into your bank account, which can be done by completing the dividend mandate form and returning it to Equiniti.

What should I do if I have lost my tax voucher?

If you lose a tax voucher you should contact Equiniti, confirming which tax voucher has been lost. A duplicate will be issued upon payment of an administration charge.

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What are E-communications?

E-communications stands for electronic communications which enable us to communicate with you via e-mail and our website, rather than sending printed documents. The service is operated by Equiniti, through the Share view website.

You will need to have your shareholder reference number, which can be found on your share certificate or tax vouchers. The Shareview website enables you to:

  • Receive important shareholder communications by e-mail
  • Access details of your shareholding in Computacenter
  • Change your details on-line, including postal address, e-mail address, mailing preference and dividend mandate
Why should I sign up for E-communications?

E-communications enable the Company to communicate with you in a more timely, secure and convenient manner; it also enables the Company to communicate in a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective way, which is in the interests of all shareholders.

What will I receive?

At the time of a shareholder mailing, you will receive an e-mail containing links to the Computacenter website, where copies of the relevant documents can be downloaded. This includes the mailing of the Annual Report & Accounts and the Notice of AGM.

How can I register to receive E-communications?

You will need to be registered with Equiniti’s Shareview website. In order to register for this service you will need your shareholder reference number, which can be found on your share certificate and dividend tax vouchers. Once registered, you will need to change your mailing preference to e-communications and provide your e-mail address.

Can I continue to receive hard copies of company documents?

You can continue to receive hard copies of Computacenter’s communications by contacting the Company Secretary, by telephone 0044(0)1707631000 or Equiniti, by telephone 0044(0)3713842027.