Aspect House 
Spencer Road 
West Sussex 
BN99 6DA

Tel: 0371 384 2074

Calls to this number are charged at 8p per minute from a BT landline. Other telephony providers' costs may vary.

Electronic Communication

The Company's Articles of Association allow the Company to make copies of various documents and services available to shareholders on-line such as:

  • Annual Report and Accounts
  • Interim Report and Accounts
  • Notices of annual and extraordinary general meeting
  • Other shareholder communications
  • On-line proxy voting at general meetings.

Consequently, if you are a shareholder you can now choose to receive information on-line, and:

  • be notified by Equiniti, the Company's registrars, when shareholder communications become available for viewing and downloading from this website;
  • if a holder of Ordinary Shares, vote by proxy on-line.

If you wish to receive notices of meetings and annual and interim report and accounts on-line, please register on the website managed by Equiniti.

When registering on the Shareview website, you will initially need your shareholder reference number, which is shown on your dividend tax voucher and share certificate, together with a PIN number which you choose yourself.

You will be asked to provide an email address, which will remain confidential and will not form part of the Company's register of shareholders, Equiniti will then provide you with a User ID.

Now you will be able to:

  • indicate your mailing preference (post or email) for shareholder communications;
  • directly access relevant share register data relating to your shareholding, including recent share movements and dividend details;
  • view a valuation of your shareholding, based on recent share prices;
  • view a range of information and other practical help for shareholders;
  • view and manage your current portfolio, in addition to receiving email updates from the Company's registrars as to when shareholder communications become available by providing a link to this website.

Equipment Requirements

  • Access to the internet and an email address
  • Web browser software (e.g. Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator)
  • Adobe Acrobat (download free of charge at